Battery Bug - Deep Cycle Battery Monitor

For 12 volt, 20-100Ahr batteries
For Deep Cycle Batteries used in Marine, RV, camping, off-road, military, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, electric vehicles, industrial battery equipment, and other deep cycle battery applications.

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Optimize performance and extend battery life.
Heavy duty batteries supply electric power for extended periods of time. It is often critical to understand just how much energy is in a battery so you can use it with confidence or know when to recharge. The microprocessor of the BB-DCM series uses LPR to measure battery internal resistance every minute and calculates available stored energy. An analog 'battery fuel gauge' indicates how full the battery is. Visual icons and audible alarms indicate when it is time to recharge.

Replace your battery before it fails.
Even a well maintained battery loses capacity over time and eventually it will not be able to store enough energy to do its job. The BB-DCM is the first and only monitor to track battery state of health deterioration while the battery is in use. When storage capability drops to a critical level, visual and audible alarms warn you to replace the battery.

The BB-DCM mounts in seconds to the battery surface and connects to the battery terminals. The information-packed LCD display shows battery state of charge (energy fuel gauge), state of health / battery life, and battery voltage. Visual and audible alarms indicate low charge / recharge, and end of life / replace battery conditions.