Battery Bug - Starting Battery Monitor
For cars, light trucks, emergency equipment, generators, and other engine starting batteries.

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Know when to replace the battery before it fails.
For vehicles used every day, the Battery Bug will constantly monitor battery performance, clearly indicate battery state of health and provide peace of mind that the battery is up to the task of reliably starting the vehicle. The BB-SBM12 uses CrankCheck technology to test the health of the battery every time the engine is started, tracks the decay of cranking health over time, and provides a 'replace battery' alert and audible alarm before the battery fails.

Extend battery life by avoiding damaging charge conditions.
For collector cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles often stored for weeks or months at a time, the charge monitoring feature of the Battery Bug will significantly extend battery life and eliminate the need to continuously charge the battery. All batteries naturally loses charge slowly over time. A battery that remains discharged for any period of time permanently loses capacity. By constantly monitoring battery charge level, the BB-SBM will sound an alarm if the battery reaches a low state of charge, indicating the need to charge the battery immediately to avoid unnecessary battery decay. This feature prevents seldom used batteries from dying a silent death.

Intuitive display and alarms provide clear picture of battery health.
The information-packed LCD display shows critical battery health and performance information including: battery state of health and cranking performance of the most recent start. Cranking performance of each start is displayed between 0% (imminent failure) and 100% (like new). When cranking health falls below 10%, a 30 second alarm indicates the battery should be replaced.

The BB-SBM12 also includes an automatic volt meter function and displays battery voltage and alternator / charging voltage. If the battery charge level drops to a damaging level for more than one minute, a low battery alarm and icon will indicate the need to recharge.